Privacy Policy

VRL Packers and Movers

Being a highly reliable and reputed packing shifting brand VRL Packers and Movers always maintain a very strict Privacy Policy. We frame this Privacy Policy only to offer ideal and matchless services to our clients. At the same time, our privacy policy highlights our real image in front of all the people of Hyderabad as well as the entire Indian Subcontinent. We always maintain our privacy policy and also the loyal workers of the reputed relocation brand.

We wish to declare that whenever a person or a company or a corporate house calls us or email us or contact us from the LiveChat of the website, our automated computing system records all their information like name, phone number, email id, the time and place of the call, the cookies of your computers and the IPs of your internet providers etc in order to serve our clients in a better and excellent manner. The information helps us to contact our clients at a later time.

We also proclaim that we never leak out or disclose the private information of our clients to anybody outside the shifting organisation. Only the workers in the company can use the information only for contacting the clients, not for any personal requirements. Malutilization of the secret information of our dear clients is totally prohibited in our organisation. We store the valuable information of our clients in our database for a time of six months or one year. After that, we update the database as usual. Yet, we always keep a good relation with our clients for days to come.

From time to time, we change our privacy policy. Whenever we make any change any change in our Privacy Policy, we always give necessary information about it to our clients. We also accept the advice from our clients if necessary in the formation of our privacy policy.